How to Pitch Yourself for $5K Brand Deals, Negotiate Your Best Rate and Land Media Coverage for Your Blog  


In Pitch It Perfect, You learn how to garner free publcity for your business, brand and blog. I’ll show you how to finally communicate with brands (the right way), consistently streamline a profit worthy press kit, and use a no fail pitching strategy to build your engagement, and grow your income.

Your amazing live Pitch It Perfect webinar helped me get right over that [fear] and now I am pitching that way! Love you for giving me the confidence to believe it myself what I do and WHY brands should work with me!


with julie solomon

with julie solomon

Hi! I'm Julie, your pitch expert and publicist!

I’m going to show you…

  • The 2 must-haves that brands look for in bloggers 
  • How to EFFECTIVELY negotiate a brand deal to make thousands of dollars, TODAY 
  • How to generate your rates and what you must include in your rate sheet 
  • Exactly how to formulate your elevator pitch 
  • 3 monetizing essentials to include in your press kit 
  • Two things you should ALWAYS Do in a pitch
  • LIVE Q&A session so you get all of your questions answered (ask me anything!) 
  • BONUS: The one fail proof secret to getting an email response FAST 
  • Plus receive a FREE tip sheet that shares the 8 secrets to monetizing your pitch

Learned a wealth of information this afternoon in Julie Solomon's master class! Redesigning my entire blog; new style, new theme, new pieces!

Brittany Blackburn
Brittany Blackburn

It was SOOOOOO HELPFUL!!! Thank you!


So thankful to have found Julie Solomon! Great insight for #bloggers!

Affordably Accessorized
Affordably Accessorized

Today I watched a SUPER helpful webinar by @julssolomon and if you're a blogger or own any small biz, it's a must-watch!


That was such a great webinar! We've watched so many that were boring and not helpful at all and we were so excited to actually learn something from yours!

gem and elli

This is perfect for us bloggers!


About Julie

Welcome to Pitch It Perfect! So thrilled to have you as part of our tribe!

As a Nashville native and LA transplant, I’ve been working in the PR, marketing and branding world for over a decade. During that time, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the country's most recognized artists, authors, entrepreneurs and bloggers—alongside personally developing unique and useful projects that are relevant to my hands-on experience.  

Since co-founding the successful PR agency in 2013, OMG! Publicity, and building a resource-heavy blog and YouTube channel, I’ve thrived off combining my skill-set, passion, and love of working with people. Outside of Pitch It Perfect, I’ve also developed Conscious Connection, a six-week, one-on-one branding consultation program that teaches online marketing, public relations and branding to bloggers and influencers.

In 2017, I launched my latest passion project, The Influencer Podcast, putting my Journalism major to good use. I host and explore the secrets behind the careers of today's top social influencers, and the podcast has rapidly joined the Top-100 list of iTunes’ Business Podcast Chart, peaking at #16.

When I’m not head down working or connecting with my wonderful clients, I love spending time with my husband and son, enjoying a beach day, working out, and drinking wine (balance, people!).

For more about me, the work I’ve done, and the people I’ve done it for, please visit my website.

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